Why Tayar is the best

Tayar is an Internet connected device that allows you to control or monitor any electrical device easily be it a full building, area or a single room.

Controlling and Monitoring

Bring devices closer to you by communicating with them with tap of a button anywhere in the world


Tayar adapts to any existing system. Tayar upgrades any electrical system to modern device.

Save Money

Save energy by planning resource usage and detecting power hungry devices

About Tayar

The idea of Tayar originated from a Master Course Project of one of the Co-Founder. The team soon realized the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the field electricity saving and started the work to create a product that can upgrade the capabilities of any age electronic system to that of modern Internet connected devices. Tayar is smart! Tayar is an Internet of Things (IoT) techhnology embedded product that lets you control or monitor devices remotely.

Control or Monitor devices Remotely

Tayar takes advantage of IoT protocols to securely communicate with the devices and enabling the user to control devices from anywhere. Tayar’s analytics can predict anomalies in the behavior of devices. It automatically learns your lifestyle and notifies you of the best ways to save energy. You can also track individual devices and appliances! Tayar is your personal energy assistant! It securely stores your energy usage data and helps you see patterns and trends in your consumption.


Tayar uses a unique method which requires no changes to your existing appliances. It seamlessly integrates within your home. The mobile application acts as a remote control for your home appliances. You can turn your appliances on and off from anywhere in the world!

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